Red Ginseng Jelly 450g


Red Ginseng Jelly for Kids. It is a jelly type so kids love to have this and it helps Kid’s Immune System.



Sweet Kids 6 Years Red Ginseng Jelly 15g x 30 pcs 
Tayo Bus /Child Growth /Bone Health /Childrens’ Present 
Dongwon Made in Korea South.
  • Package: 1 Box =15g x 30 pcs
  • How to eat : Please eat 1 pack once a day.
  • Recommended Age: 36 months~14 years old.
  • Ingredients: Purified water, Apple concentrate, Agave syrup, Cyclodextrin syrup, Humectant(E967), Red ginseng concentrate, Coconut flower extract powder, Apple flavour, Locust bean gum mixed powder(Locust bean gum, Tickener(E415), Glucose, Thickener(E406), Tamarind gum), Gamma cyclodextrin, Food acid(E330), Manyprickle acanthopanax, Rehmannia glutinosa liboschitz ex steudel extract powder, Calcium Lactate, Trisodium citrate, Enzyme treatment stevia, Deer antler extract powder.